Authentic Happiness and Joy

Your happiness is my main concern.

Hey there! My name is DeWitt Gibson 

Please don't take this website seriously. Most of the stuff on here is just to make you laugh.


I am an entrepreneur, father, husband, investor, snowboarder, and world traveler. 


Many years ago, I bought the domain dewittgibson.com - cause that's my name. So, I'd thought I put a website here just to let the world know a bit about me. That's all. 


Looking forward to getting to know you! 




My Team

Jeffrey Cook

Managing Director

I am a made up person who for some reason allowed my photo to be used in a website template.


DeWitt is awesome! 

Jonathan Read

Marketing Coordinator

II've never met DeWitt. I have no idea why my photo is here. 


Just do business with DeWitt

Ellen Yates

Account Manager

Of the three photos here, mine is most attractive. At least I think so, don't you?


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